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Food and Nutrition
We believe every child deserves a healthy start in life.
Providing a balanced, nutritious and wholesome diet can have a positive impact on a child's long-term behaviour and development.

Reasons for providing children with a healthy diet:
  • It helps to improve their concentration, learning and behaviour.

  • Promotes proper physical growth and development.

  • Builds up their strength.

  • Promotes resistance to infection.

  • Gives plenty of energy.

  • Minimises future health risks like iron-deficiency anaemia, obesity and dental decay.

  • Helps them to establish healthy eating patterns and habits.
Our chef prepares health snacks and well-balanced meals, including a vegetarian option, for our children every day. When planning the menus we take into account cultural, dietary and allergy requirements. The menu is changed weekly over a four week period and displayed on the noticeboard in the welcome area.

click here to download sample menu

Tips for a healthy start:
  • Encourage your child to try lots of different foods.

  • Unless you need to, don't exclude particular foods or drinks.

  • Offer healthy alternatives to usual sugary or fatty 'treats'.

  • Make food and eating times fun social occasions, eating together with your child.

  • Avoid fizzy, sugary drinks.

  • encourage your child to drink lots of water instead.

  • Give whole milk to your child from one year of age until at least two years old.

Cool Milk
Cool milk works in partnership with local authorities and early years groups to supply free and subsidised school milk to children in pre-schools, nurseries and primary schools.

**We have a full time qualified chef who cooks all food fresh on site every day using mainly organic ingredients. We offer a nutritious and balanced menu which rotates every week and is displayed on this page of our website – please see this week’s menu above.

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